Pamir - 2007
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"LVIV - PAMIR 2007: By paths of Ukrainians"

Dates: 19 May – 12 June 2007
Automobile Club "Lviv 4x4"
Form of event:
Trophy - Expedition on 4x4 cars.
Overall length of the route:
14 000 km.
The lowest point of the route: -35 m. (depression of Caspian Sea)
The highest point of the route: 4 655 m. (Tadzhikistan, Ak-Baytal pass)

During twenty four days, the expedition took place across Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tadzhikistan to the Tyan-Shan and Pamir mountains...

This event was a try to join the life of "eastern" Diaspora, to read between rows of Ukrainian history, look at endless steppes and severe mountains with eyes of Ukrainian immigrants. Long time ago their parents left their historical homeland, and settled thier lives in foreign ethnic, language and cultural environment. But anyway - they are part of our nation.

Expedition "Lviv - Pamir 2007" was held with the assistance of its general sponsor: Network of gas stations "OKKO" and other commercial companies: CELT, Lakor, Inpro, Ekran, Nucleart.

Pamir - 2007
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